The Ai Organization is an interrelated group of financial companies, specialized in Legal Expense,  guarantees programs, and related insurances- specific to the real estate and construction industries;  


Ai Legal Expense is a retail insurance brokerage licensed across Canada and the USA.


We cater to private and public companies alike -delivering superior value to our clients –across Canada and abroad. Our Staff and Surety Partners are the best the industry has to offer. 


Our Mission


We believe fundamentally that by delighting our clients time and time again,
we attract the best and brightest to our firm, leading to a life worth living &
a career worth having.


Our Vision


To be the bonding and insurance provider of choice, in the industry sectors we have dedicated to serving.


Our Core


At Ai's core is a firm committed to its staff, its clients and innovation.


Our Values

  • Ethics in everything, first and foremost
  • Focus on one thing and do it really really well 
  • Platinum Rule: Treat others as they want to be treated
  • A Client & Results Centric, No Politics Culture!
  • To give back to the community often and in meaningful ways
  • Constant and Never Ending Innovation
  • Work Life - Family Balance 
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